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MAK Machine Mould Group Limited main production various "automatic blow bottle machine, and semi-automatic blow bottle machine, and 5 gallons blow bottle machine, and automatic hollow forming machine, and high-speed no Rod precision injection machine, and blow plastic mold, and heat road bottle embryo mold, and bottle embryo (billet) mold, and commodity mold, and steam motorcycle products mold, and appliances electrical mold,", products widely application Yu various beverage, and medicine packaging and the plastic products industry. In production in the using has world first-class of CNC NC processing technology, advanced of metal heat treatment system, strictly full of products control management, perfect of after-sales service, not only for customer provides has more professional of quality guarantees, more company in both at home and abroad set has good of reputation, products has has marketing to country, and United States, and Japan, and European, and African, and South America, and Southeast Asia, more than 100 multiple national and the area.

MAK Machine Mould Group Limited